Summer Music Series: New and Traditional Works for String Quartets

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Musicians perform on a lit stage with no fore or background visible.

Image courtesy Banff Centre.

Hear new and familiar works by some of the worlds finest young string quartets. Repertoire is determined by the faculty and participants:
Camilo Mendez (b.1982): Cardinal Fragments IV: Apparent Magnitudes (2015) [9’]
            Alauda Quartet
Paul Stanhope (b.1969): String Quartet No.2 (2009) [20’]
            Partridge String Quartet
Kelley Sheehan (b.1983): Chromatographic contamination (2018) [6’]
            Elara String Quartet
Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975): String Quartet Op. 117, No. 9 [30’]
GAYA Quartet
EQ allows the performers and the faculty to explore the entire canon of string quartet music. because of this the concerts repertoire isn't decided until very close to the concert. The performers can explore contemporary works from Ligeti to di Castir to Ferneyhough or traditional works from Mozart, Haydn or Bartok. Each of the concerts will have a wide range of repertoire and will take the audience on a journey through the history of string quartet music.