Truth and Reconciliation Speaker Series: Reconciliation through Negotiations

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In follow up to the Truth and Reconciliation Summit held in October 2016 at Banff Centre, a monthly speaker series invites Bow Valley residents to engage in relevant topics, local discussions, and learn more about Indigenous culture, history, and knowledge. Indigenous Leadership at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, in partnership with Banff Canmore Community Foundation, is pleased to co-host these monthly sessions. Each month a new guest speaker will share their perspective on Reconciliation.  

Troy Chalifoux, a Cree-Métis, was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. In 1986, Troy was accepted to the University of Alberta as an undergraduate in the Bachelor of Arts program. Upon graduating law from the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta, Troy accepted an articling position with the Department of Justice Canada and was admitted to the Bar in 1995.

Troy stayed on with Justice and dedicated his practice to Aboriginal issues, primarily those relating to lands, commercial transactions, and outstanding land claims. During those years he was legal counsel on a number of Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) and surrender claims: Woodland Cree, Alexis, Alexander TLE, Siksika, Blood, Smith’s Landing TLE, and Loon River TLE. Along with the settlement of these claims, Troy was also involved in a number of large multi-party commercial transactions involving industry and First Nations communities. Troy was also involved in the development of trust agreements for the purposes of settling claims.

In 2000, Troy joined what is now Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada as a Senior Negotiator and continues his work on land claims and various types of partnership negotiations affecting First Nations in Alberta. Troy participated successfully in the negotiation of the Alexander Surrender Claim in 2002, followed by work with Siksika, Blood, and Fort McKay, and continues to work on a number of outstanding claims and inter-governmental negotiations in Alberta.

In 2002, Troy was awarded the Deputy Minister’s Circle of Excellence award for his work on the Claims Settlements Implementation Act (Bill c-37). In 2010, Troy successfully concluded the Memorandum of Understanding for First Nation Education in Alberta between Alberta First Nations and the Province of Alberta and was again the recipient of the Deputy Minister’s award. In 2011, Troy was the recipient of the Aboriginal Role Models of Alberta Award, Justice Category. Currently, Troy is a sessional instructor in Crown / First Nations / Industry Negotiations with the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta and is Faculty Leader at The Banff Centre’s Indigenous Leadership Program in Negotiation Skills and has developed and instructed negotiation workshops throughout Canada.

Series Schedule:

• September 28 - Indigenous Women and Reconciliation - Dr. Cora Voyageur
• October 19 - Reconciliation Through Negotiations - Troy Chalifoux
• November 30 - Metis Perspectives in Reconciliation - Margaret Froh
• February 15 - Reconciliation through and Indigenous Worldview - Dr. Leroy Little Bear
• March 15 - Reconciliation Through Post-Secondary Educational Institutions - Kory Wilson
• April 26 - Reconciliation through First Nation Governance - Tracey O’Donnell
• May 17 - Federal Government Reconciliation Initiatives - Elizabeth Logue