Iinisikimm: A Homecoming for the Buffalo of Banff National Park

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Please join Iinisikimm ensemble for a nighttime lantern performance and homecoming for the buffalo of Banff National Park. 

Iinisikimm are a multicultural ensemble dedicated to discovering the positive power of the Buffalo and what it means in regard to optimistic possibilities of the future. Iinisikimm is a celebration of the return of the Buffalo to the wilds of Banff National Park. It is a gathering of artists and community members who have come together to create and perform an interdisciplinary, puppet-lantern spectacle this summer – and for summers to come, in Banff National Park and surrounding areas. Watch us glow! 

Featuring the drummers of Eya-Hey Nakoda and the Czapno Theatre Ensemble

Want to participate in the parade? Join us 30 minutes before the performance to build your own lantern to carry in the event!

Iinisikimm is a co-production of Czapno Theatre Ensemble and Canadian Academy of Mask and Puppetry.