Collective Composition Lab for Music and Dance Open House

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Come see work being created by the composers, choreographers and dancers of the Collective Composition Lab for Music and Dance throughout various studios in the Laslo Funtek and Kinnear Buildings. 

Open Studios goes behind-the-scenes into the residencies and workshops that are part of Banff Centre's artistic training programs. Get up close and personal with artists, musicians, dancers and authors as they open their studios and present works created at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

Participants will explore choreographic and musical structures, and the practice of instant composition and improvisation in this music and dance lab. The program is moderated by program head Stephan Laks, internationally acclaimed artists, dancer and choreographer Michael Schumacher, and musician and composers Anne Bourne and Carla Kihlstedt. This open studio period will be a showing of some of the work that's been explored during the two week workshop. Audience will roam between studios in the Laszlo Funtek teaching wing, the Margret Greenham Theatre and the third floor of the Kinnear Building.