This Giant Recording Studio Has Everything You Need and More

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Luscar Control Room being used during the Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music

Luscar Control Room being used for recording during the Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music

It seems like there are as many styles of recording studios as there are styles of music. The Banff Centre’s Luscar Studio has hosted producers, musicians, filmmakers, sound mixers and even spoken word artists from around the world since 1999. Everyone comes with different needs and goals, and the new renovations to the Luscar Studio mean they can do it all right here in Banff.  

When it was time for The Banff Centre’s audio team to update the studio and control room, studio manager Chris Segnitz says they had to search far and wide for a board that would do everything they needed — a board that could mix and do post-production for music and film in a fully-automatable system that could handle both analog and digital recording. It was an ambitious goal, he says. Only three manufacturers in the world made this kind of console.

They chose an Avid System 5, a large-format standalone console system. Sound can be recorded or mixed ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the box, or via a combination of the two, allowing artists to learn, experiment, and find the right sound for their work.

The new console's arrival in 2013 was just the first step in a larger studio overhaul. But, as the engine of the studio, it was the first priority.  

Consultants were also brought in for acoustic treatment designs. Cables and lighting were completely redone. The ceiling, floors and even the equipment racks all got updated. Hidden behind a panel is a bass trap, a design element meant to absorb sound. It's “the biggest thing we did that you can’t even see,” says Segnitz. A beautiful wooden back wall also acts as an acoustic diffuser and was constructed by carpenters from the local Canmore Woodcrafters.

“It’s been technologically improved, and also aesthetically improved,” Segnitz says. 

Much like the beautiful scenery surrounding the Banff Centre, the Luscar Studio is a divine place for both work and play.  

For a full list of equipment check out the website